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A Green Winter Festival

From beginning to end, the Harmony Winter Festival is designed with the natural environment in mind. Sponsors, vendors, performers and organizers work together to learn
and to become more ecologically responsible.

All food vendors are encouraged to use biodegradable products. That fork and cup may look like plastic, but
they’re not – they are made of wheat gluten and cornstarch. All the cups, lids, utensils, straws. The plates, bowls and napkins are mostly recycled content, with coffee cups made from sugar cane trimmings! There are green cans at nearly every “waste station” in which to dispose of your biodegradables.

Go Green…

Prepackaged and sampling products may not be in biodegradable packaging. Look for the symbol for recycling. Nearly all the food service vendors and food samplers had
to go to extra effort and expense to support this green program. Some do it as a matter of ecological course and
use biodegradables at all their events. Thank them all and know that you are supporting the greening of events in California when you support these vendors.

There are Eco-Stations around the event.

At these stations, you can turn your biodegradable stuff back into soil, drop all your recycling in the blue bin, and very, very little should go in the trash cans. These are the cans that go to the landfill. Make sure there is no other
place to dispose of everything in your hand before
resorting to a system that is shipping more and more trash out of county each month.

While we’re Aiming for Zero Waste, it would take over 150 people and completely different food vending/sampling/product packaging industries to make
this as waste free as it could be, but the system is being ever-perfected. We will, in truth, be ecstatic with 90% waste diversion.

Eco-Stations – It’s in YOUR HANDS – sorting begins at the source…


Go to the green can first where you will deposit: all food scraps, all food vendor supplies: cups, napkins, plates, utensils, any soiled cardboard. On the bottom of the cups, there may be one of several “Compostable” symbols, but
they all SAY compostable or biodegradable. Thanks to
Sonoma Compost for extending their composting services
to us!


One-third of all waste is packaging, shrink your ecological impact by rejecting the pre-packaged and packaging.

Thanks to North Bay Corporation for hauling away our recycling and composting by supplying us with all the materials we needed to green this event!


Sonoma County’s proposing a bag fee as in San Francisco and the days of billowing, floating, bloating plastic bags
are numbered.

Take home a plant from the festival, they are all for sale! Keep the green memories and commitment alive.

Did we say “KICK THE PLASTICS HABIT!”? That’s step ONE! We’re filling our oceans and killing over one million seabirds every year on floating plastic pellets alone. It takes centuries to break down in the landfill and the jury’s still out on the definitive answer regarding what it does to the human body – but evidence abounds, it’s no good in any living system. The earth is a living system.

You can offset the greenhouse gases you contribute to the environment by calculating your carbon emissions and then investing a modest sum through to renewable energy resources. The average American contributes 10 tons of greenhouses gases to the atmosphere each year. You can “offset” with an investment of $55 and let renewable energy sources earn you back some good credit!

Buy biodegradables when you have a party, or better yet, have a bunch of reusables on hand, rent them for your big events, and help stop the resource drain.

Join the Mobile Northern California Green Team and contribute to education, resource maximization and the shrinking of our collective footprints at public events.

Email [email protected] or call 707-548-7582.
Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Creating New Habits for a Renewed Habitat




Festival Hours

 Saturday, Dec. 2nd
 10 PM to 8 PM

 Sunday, Dec. 3rd
 10 AM to 6 PM

 Saturday, Dec. 9th
 10 AM to 8 PM

 Sunday, Dec. 10th
 10 AM to 6 PM

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